Transformative solutions for every social determinant and health equity challenge.

Magnus' flagship offering, Population HD is an end-to-end program to manage health-related social needs, and measurably improve health equity in the population you serve.

Get an unprecedented view of population social risk.

Receive your own instance of EDGE™, our proprietary Equity Data Geo Explorer. Explore population risk like never before, and bring areas of opportunity to the fore.

Set strategy and chart a course for improved health equity.

With the power of our pioneering General Spatial Index Projection technology, translate obscure zip code and census tract noise to neighborhood-level insight. Set strategy to minimize social risk and improve health equity for the population you serve.

Measurably improve equity and outcomes.

Partner with Magnus to operationalize strategy via the DELTA change management process. Set a bold vision for social risk and health equity improvement, and outperform baseline measures — consistently and reliably.

Social Risk and Health Equity Advisory

Your partner in addressing health-related social needs.

As a Pittsburgh-based Pennsylvania small business, Magnus is expertly positioned to offer right-sized solutions to a variety of clients and client situations. Contact one of our consultants today to discuss your unique social risk and health equity strategy needs.

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